Some info about the writer

The name Maintenantman comes from my as yet unpublished first novel, Pick Up the Pieces. The tale is told by a female narrator, but the central character is Jack Maintenant, who bears a close resemblance to Ted Eames – the author of this blog.
I live in my county of birth, Shropshire, in England. Most of my adult life was spent in Oxford.
My best thing in life has been bringing up my son, mostly as a single parent. He is now in his 30s and we are very close. I am also very close to my sister and have good true Friends.

I write poetry and make collages. I like the mixture of image and text.

Much of my professional work has been in services for children, including children who have been abused, early years children, disabled and autistic children, and children living in poverty. I have also worked as a probation officer (specialising in work with physically and sexually violent offenders), as a counsellor in adult mental health, as a teacher (English literature and language), as a seller of secondhand books and vinyl records, and in various other methods of getting by.
My blog is part of an attempt to be heard as a writer. I am seeking a publisher / agent for my book, and am working on other writing projects as well as making the occasional poem. Starting the blog coincided with a journey to Yukon and British Columbia (the setting for Pick Up the Pieces). I love that part of the world and it will continue to feature in the blog, but I have many passions in life, and for life, so the blog will no doubt range over quite a wide terrain.
I value dialogue, so welcome comments and direct emails (
{citations needed for all of the above…and be aware that there’s A LOT LEFT OUT…}


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