Where Images and Words Meet


As it says on the ‘tintype’ above, Encounters is a project set up via the Visual Arts Network (VAN) in Shropshire. Pairs of poets and artists have been producing new work in response to each other.

The resulting exhibition will thus feature at least four pieces per pairing: the original pieces responded to, plus the new ‘response’ work. Some participants have produced more than one response.

I have been in an unofficial curating role and it has been great to pick up on the creative energy generated by the whole project. A lot of excellent work will be on display on the evidence of the poems and artworks I have seen so far!

Details of the exhibition are on the flyer above. The Arts Cafe Open Event on 22nd March (6-8 at the VAN Gallery) will feature poetry readings by the writers involved, and comments on their artwork by the visual artists.

The VAN Gallery is in Shoplatch in Shrewsbury (SY1 1HS) on the street below the Market Hall.

“The interaction of words and images will make the gallery space a living 5-week collage. I can’t wait to see it!” (Hannah Hoch, The Dada Admag, March 2018).

I will post one or two examples of the work on here in future months.

Below is a collage I did for a recent WW1 Poppyfields exhibition.


When the Poppies Bloom Again

Base image scanned and expanded…intrigued by the contrast between the exhausted grins and the haunted anger of the soldier in the foreground…surrounded with an exploded or imploded poppy jigsaw…text from a found song sheet…contrasting hope and warning meanings in the song title…Kitchener poster being trampled into the mud.





It’s all about the Encounters.

Ted x



  1. Hiya!

    Love the detail photo, shows a good context. And great way to end with it’s all about the encounters! xxx




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