Order Your Comicollage Christmas Cards Here!

Yes, this is the hour that the Comicollage cards go universal, viral, and all over the shop.

I have had 30 different designs of these unique creations printed up as Christmas cards. They are irreligious, irreverent and irresponsible. Order from me now, via a comment on this blog site, or via email (tedeames@btinternet.com) or via Facebook.

TEF 01 Immaculate Deception

Immaculate Deception

My Comicollages are made exclusively from found images and text.

Each card comes with an envelope, kept pristine in a cellophane bag.

The cards are £2.50 each, 10 for £20. Please add £2 p/p if needing packs posted to you. They will be available from various outlets but ordering directly from me helps fund a print run of non-Christmas Comicollages.

Ted Eames has coined the term ‘Comicollages’ for his smaller, humorous pieces. Appropriate adjectives might include: surreal, original, inventive, very funny, subversive, thought-provoking.” (Mary Delany).

TEF 30 Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

If you are reading this post on Facebook or Twitter and have difficulty seeing the images, just click on the actual blog site: http://www.maintenantman.wordpress.com

Some cards contain the occasional sweary word, but those were made by my evil twin, who then ran away.

I understand that Ted’s friends and family have been subjected to these cards for a number of years now. I can only say that this confirms my view that human beings are essentially a tolerant and forgiving species.” (Raymond Glendenning).

Order now to avoid disarrangement…

TEF 06 The Casting Crib

The Casting Crib

Ted x


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