Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away

Horses frozen           winnipeg-frozen-horses

Fire in the barns.

The Red River refuge.

Winter is locking blockings of icebergs.

Horse power drives the urgent swim

too late in the frozen night.

Utter chill of glacial concrete

seizes, holds, traps beyond last stirrings,

beyond final pleading.

With dawn

warm fur headwear and ruggy coats appear.

Checkmate verified

for these knights of the deep snow.


(near Winnipeg, 1926).

Ted x


  1. Insane photos and a great poem! Love the strong energy in the words. Nature, strength, understanding, man, survival and hope. xxx




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    Shed Workspace 2 Jack Eames Photography 8 Lee Street E8 4DY



  2. Kind of relatedly. On flight back to UK watched the Rolling Stones 2016 Havana Concert. You really do have to wonder what substances they discovered many years ago that might be their source/inspiration now. Or is it all genetic ? Your Blog is a source of comfort.


    1. Thank you, Mike. Yes, the Wild Horses period saw some of the best Stones tunes. The influence of Gram Parsons was very important in that. Highly recommend his albums ‘GP’ and ‘Grievous Angel’.


  3. When the still sea conspires an armor
    And her sullen and aborted
    Currents breed tiny monsters
    True sailing is dead
    Awkward instant
    And the first animal is jettisoned
    Legs furiously pumping
    Their stiff green gallop
    And heads bob up
    In mute nostril agony
    Carefully refined
    And sealed over
    (Jim Morrison – The Doors)


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