Your Careful Reading and Advice Needed, Please

A friend with whom I have had something of a love-hate relationship for a long time feels that he is at a crossroads in his life.

The crossroads has at least ten different directions radiating from it. He has set these out in the table below and has asked me to discuss the options with him and perhaps even go so far as to advise him.

With his permission I am opening it up to you to respond as well. You can do this by any method you like: written letters, email, private Facebook message, comments on this blog etc.

To give you a very brief factual context, this person is a 66 year old man who lives alone by choice, but who has loved ones and friends in his life. His income is low, and he does not have big savings, but he is not in any debt. He is tolerably fit and in good health. GSOH. Whoops, better stop there…

To access the table please click on one of the links below (Word doc or PDF). The format is important but it won’t transfer to WordPress with the tabular lines.


what-to-do-with-the-rest-of-my-life1 (PDF)

He can’t stay at this crossroads, he has to choose one road (or perhaps some roads could be ‘blended’) for, in the words of Aristotle: “we are what we repeatedly do”.


Maintenantman x


  1. Hmmmm. Well, I think you are well on your way to numbers 1-4, through various means. I have some sympathy with your desire for number 6, but sadly, your support base might be limited, when push comes to shove. The camper van/housesitting idea seems attractive. I can picture you building a nice little nest in a van. Some are much bigger than they look on the outside. However if you are going to be a collage artist, a small van is simply not going to work. Stick with the writing, get a van, go to Canada, but for God’s sake DO NOT call yourself the ‘Silver Hitcher’. Makes me think of hosiery for some reason.


  2. Oh I’m going to respond to this. Organizing my thoughts and looking at your table:) I can see some natural groupings of routes to take that can lead you to your yellow brick road:)


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