Opening salvo

Hi reader,
Just a line to set up my blog in advance of the upcoming journey to BC, The Yukon and various points around the Pacific North-West. Really looking forward to getting on the road, re-connecting with wonderful places and people, and discovering lots new as well.
Big love,


  1. Hi Ted

    Just read up to date on this amazing story, the descriptive prose, bring the scenes to life, I can only dream of ever writing so well. I love the sound of the 3500 swans on one lake at one time, of the sound of the frogs as you try to sleep and the cosy homestead you are relaxing in. Beware of those bears, fancy having a bear and a wolf so close in one afternoon ….

    The places you describe so well will now be pictures in my mind.

    Linda x


    1. Good to hear from you, Linda. I’ll be putting up another post later. It was your photos of this continent back in Sure Start Oswestry that helped inspire me. Took a good black bear photo yesterday after inadvertently waking him whilst in the forest behind here. I sang the song and he walked off a little blearily.
      Ted x


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